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Product Name: 1-mcp
CAS: 3100-04-7
MF: C4H6
MW: 54.09
Purity 4.3%min  3.5%min
Mol File: 3100-04-7.mol
Usage 1-MCP can block combine of receptor with ethylene from fruit and vegetables .It can inhibit various kinds of physiological and biochemical which ethylene induced ,reducing breath of fruit and vegetables .Thus the maturation progress of fruit and vegetables ,to extend the storage life ,achieve preservation effect .1-MCP,its inhibiting effect is strong and effectiveness is long .Besides ,the usage is easy .Above all ,there is no toxic ,no harm ,no residue and no pollution .
The Europe, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada, UK, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, costa rica, China, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, Turkey and other 25 countries and regions have been approved for use.
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